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Conviction (Club Destiny, #1)

Conviction (Club Destiny, #1) - Nicole Edwards Did I read the same book as everyone else? I mean this story drove me absolutely friggin nuts! Why? Oh my god can Nicole waffle on and on and on and on............... there was so much complete and utter un-necessary text it was bordering on painful. It was after deciding at 17% that this was either going to be a DNF or a very lightly skimmed book, I decided on the lightly skimmed that I managed to finish reading it! Now I read very fast anyway but I literally did skim down huge paragraphs when the text wasn't necessary.

Now I honestly cannot deny that Nicole pens the most HOTTEST of sex scenes but the reasoning behind some of them was a little bizarre and way out there, I mean the second time they get together he pulls her into a menage and she just goes with it! Ack I can't get my head around that. If he professes undying love for her then how can he be comfortable sharing her with up to two other men at the same time? Yeah I get there are dark sides but then then there is love, me personally I struggled with that in this book dark and love together - hmmmmm I couldn't connect to that. I couldn't see a girl who had been hurt falling into the sexual pattern that Logan introduced her to, and so quick, I honestly couldn't. Here's a line about Logan - The possessive streak Logan had developed since meeting Samantha was fierce, growing in it's intensity as each day passed. - Yeah it was so intense he didn't think twice about sharing her and in extremely intimate ways - me shakes head, just can't see that connection between possessive and then happy to share............

Going back to the waffle, I had to laugh at one point it took two largish paragraphs at one point for Logan to make an omelette and that isn't including the initial start at the cooking of it. Nicole has this urge to go off on a tangent and seems to feel the need to explain absolutely everything and it definitely brought the story down and the story is I totally agree with other reviewers, extremely hot, I just wish it had been hot and 100% action and dialogue and 97% less of the waffle.