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Surrender (Surrender, #1)

Surrender (Surrender, #1) - Melody Anne .
Definitely between 3.5 and 4.00 stars.

Yes this really is an easy book to sink into, you find yourself invested in Rafe and Ari really quickly. I was a bit shocked though to find myself emotionally invested too, many times I found Ari's predicament hard to not be affected by. The supporting cast are also great right from her three girlfriends to her mum and his family, they all help make this an enjoyable read.

There is no denying the hot chemistry between Rafe and Ari, it pours off them. This is a hottie book for sure, but it's also emotional, angsty, I love that Ari has a backbone and can stand up to him, the final chapter though, oh bloody hell I want to sink straight into the next book to see what happens next. Great writing style, no waffle, totally hot scenes, dominant male who has issues, feisty female who for once manages to stand up and refuse his contract.

The only thing I am truly cross about is that this is part of a series of 4 books, why I didn't see that when reading the blurb I don't know, so I am really miffed that I am hugely wanting to get on and read book 2 after the cliffy in this book but book 3 doesn't release till September and from then when the heck is the last book out! So I don't know what to do, if book two ends with a cliffy I know it'll kill me!

Arghhhhhh, just wish authors would stop these slow release series and let us delve into bricks of a book or a max 2 book series, I hope and pray that when I do read book 2 Melody doesn't subject me to numerous reminders because that will be an absolute killer for me and will leave me not wanting to read on further. I've already knocked a star off because it is a series and I have to wait, sorry Melody but I am cheesed off at having to wait no matter how good a book is and it looks like from book 1 to book 4 is easily going to be six months, which yes compared to other releases is not too bad a turnaround but still it's too long for my impatient eyes and mind.