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Crash (Crash, #1)

Crash - Nicole  Williams I'll say it again for a high school romance this is a deep, thoroughly enjoyable read. Much more than what I was expecting, it was easy to get caught up with Jude and Lucy and follow their path of discovery with each other and what a discovery it was! I don't feel I can say a five star read because although the supporting cast was great I felt sometimes they didn't add that much to the story. I get why her mum and dad where like they were but it wasn't until Lucy and her dad visited John that I finally felt I connected with him and his conversation with her then made his personality shine through. I also struggled a little with Lucy and her dancing, for someone absolutely fanatical about dancing and getting in Julliard I really didn't get it when she didn't open the envelope for so long. There was also only the one major dance scene throughout but the cover depicts ballet was going to be the centre of the story, it just didn't feel like that to me.

This was a great read, felt a lot more adult than just about high school kids, if I'd have realised that I would have read it a lot sooner. Looking forward to seeing where their story can go from here, but I do worry that we may have had the best of them in this book, I sincerely hope not.