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The Unwanted Wife

The Unwanted Wife - Natasha Anders Once you get past the completely uninviting cover this book delivers a very enjoyable romance. I don't know what I was expecting but it isn't overly sickly romantic, it has passion, angst, drama and a lot of emotions, a forceful male and a woman that has had enough of what life has dealt her and she finally stands up to her husband.

Theresa has been manipulated, pushed and pulled her whole life then she finds happiness, but in the blink of an eye that happiness turns to ugliness and she is once again thought nothing off except a means to an end. I felt all her emotions and her loneliness and dejectedness, her self esteem takes a pounding from everyone and you can really feel it.

Sandro is cold and indifferent, all he wants from his Theresa is a son, I won't say any more on this as it will ruin the effect of their story. Let's just say that things happen when Theresa asks for a divorce and that nothing is as he once thought and he begins to realise a lot of truthes that unravel his perceptions of his wife.

I love the fact this starts and finishes in one book and yes I get my mushy HEA, my inner romantic gets fully sated which is a big thumbs up. I'm really glad I read it and I will look for more by Natasha Anders.