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Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain, #2)

Sweet Dreams  - Kristen Ashley I absolutely bloody loved this and that even includes the niggly bits, I think KA is top of her class in angsty, damn hot, alpha males, awesome heroines and all her characters are an effin A all the way.

The niggly bits for me, are the constant overtalking in conversations, I get the alpha dude part and yes they won't shut up for nobody but even her Dad was doing it, Lauren was doing it, heck they all seemed to plough on regardless of the person saying things like, 'Tate''but...' 'Baby' etc etc, that got a tad annoying. But I could get past it simply because the scenes that KA paint are so vividly real and fantastically put together, the characters are so heavily planted in your head and brilliantly brought life they are like your new besties while your reading KA's books.

I will also say of KA and all her books to me they aren't just stories and told really well, they are like little mini saga's and they are told bloody awesomely. I get lost in her books and I have to ignore everything else and plough my way through them I get that addicted to them.