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Meeting Mr. Write (Mr. Write Trilogy, #1)

Meeting Mr. Write (Mr. Write Trilogy, #1) - Cassandra P. Lewis What a fun read this was, I didn't go into this book expecting too much and actually got more than I bargained for. The banter and humour just roll along, the chemistry between them is hot as heck and the storyline is great. The supporting roles are filled perfectly, I loved Pippa! A gay brother thrown in for good measure too and Stephen played a nice role too.

Glad I read this, don't know what book 2 will bring, I just hope it lives up to this or perhaps may be even better. Not that there is huge room for improvement, this doesn't contain monotonous waffle, the conversations are strong, typo's could have been cleaned up a bit so that's a bit of let down but all in all this is an enjoyable read with not a single dominant male in sight or a whip, rope or other paraphernalia we're subjected to a lot lately. This is kind of like a good old fashion romance but with jazz and spice to plant it in it's place into days world of sexy romances.