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دعاء الأنبياء والصالحين - Muhammad Mutawalli Ash-Sha'raawi This is definitely more like a 4.5 star read, the only thing letting it down are the typos and miswording dotted about. Also the story drags out a tad between 30-50%

The rest of the book though - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

Fed up with dominant alpha males, barking orders, quivering heroines that are beautiful but brain dead? Well I suggest you read this book NOW! Yes it includes a dominant alpha male, who is an absolute bastard to Morgan and treats her so bad. This is definitely another train wreck read, you can't believe what is happening to her but you're absolutely glued to it. Morgan oh how I loved her character, yes in truth she did get a tad annoying in places with her indecisiveness but heck this is such a good story I can easily forgive Morgan's few annoying bits.

Drew and Morgan = humiliation, dominance, bondage, spanking, cruelty, unconsensual sex, prison like circumstances and Drew is an absolute bastard and Morgan is living in hell.

Riley and Dawson - safe, normal, healing, hot missionary sex and love soon grows. Question is will it last?

All the supporting characters in this book are mesmerising too. Everybody from Rachel to Lauren, Star and Celeste are pegging up the story brilliantly. Of course it comes complete with those you love to hate and those you just love to love.

Yeah ok when you've read this book you might be sitting there thinking oh my god what the friggin hell have I just read and that what happens wouldn't happen in a million years in real life. But actually it could, but even if you don't believe it could happen you can't deny this story is done so well that cripes you'll find yourself believing it anyway!

All I can say is if it's books like Consequences and Truth (for the dark twists), even Captive in the Dark then your love the shock factor contained within this book. It's so much more than the comparable erotic romances out there, it's kind of like Sleeping with the Enemy meets This Man on steriods. It's not a thriller but it is thriller-ish. Loved it!

So if your happy to lose your sanity for a couple of days and delve into the dark side, then read this book NOW, I was riveted and it's actually going to be the 1st 4.5 star book to hit my favourites shelf, it only lost the 1/2 star because of typo's and could have done with not being strung out when she escaped. But other than that I couldn't put it down and will definitely read it again, it's a winner.