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Storm Damages (Storm Damages, #1)

Storm Damages (Storm Damages, #1) - Magda Alexander Firstly I want to get this off my chest, some reviewers have likened this book to This Man and I have got to say it absolutely is not anything like This Man, it doesn't have the heart pounding moments, it doesn't have the unequivocal, dominant strutting English apha extraordinaire it also doesn't have the powerful deliverance that This Man has either. That said this book is good IN IT'S OWN RIGHT.

It really isn't up there with the big guns out there though, it just isn't in their league but it definitely has potential. It's very, very predictable, it also annoys me to no end when someone trys to take on a British character and then falls short. So many things just didn't sit right with Gabriel's English, his mannerisms and his vernacular, some bits were spot on and then poof a poorly produced piece of text and the demon is nipping at the heels again reminding you that this has been written by someone whose not British. Like using the terms of endearment 'love' all the time and 'duck', heck Magda even got a cheerio in! Gabriel's character is a roller coaster, he has a dominant edge but then speaks quite flowery and endearing which threw me a few times; up and down all the time. That said though he has the potential to be uber hot and domineering, just wish Magda had a British person helping her with British idioms and characteristics, he'd be spot on then.

Having said all the above this book is a rather good read though, yes I harped it isn't up there with the greats but it is extremely close and with a few things ironed out it would be. Yes it's predictable but it's very readable, it does have a good storyline the chemistry is great between them, the sex is hot albeit sometimes delivered a tad dirty-rag magazine-ish.

It has everything you wish in a good book, good characters, lifestyle, chemistry, nasty folk, I can't argue with any of that, they do bring this little world of Gabriel and Elizabeth's to life.

The last thing that has really irked me though is THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE and freakin hell I was miffed when I got to the end and read the minor cliffhanger (sorry didn't feel it was a major cliffhanger it was predictable that was going to happen right back at the first episode of his I saw what was coming) WHY THE HELL CAN'T AUTHORS SAY THIS IS BOOK 1, the next book is not out until DECEMBER!! Not happy about that, I usually wait when I am warned but jeez they was no warning in the blurb. Here's another one though I hope to heaven this finalises in book 2, a six month wait already is enough please don't subject us to this story taking a year to fulfill by string it out to a trilogy, that would be too much!

So this would have been a four star read but I'm knocking another star off for not knowing it wasn't going to start and finish and now have to wait six months.