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Selling Scarlett (Love Inc., #1)

Selling Scarlett (Love Inc., #1) - Ella James 3.5 stars, a good read but hard to follow in places.

OK so where I don't quite get why this is getting the fully monty 5 stars from some reviewers, I do get that the story was a suspense filled erotic romance that was a bit of a page turner - BUT it's not so cool when the pages were turning both ways. I found myself so many times having to go back and re-read a scene as it just didn't pan out where it was understandable. Here's an example, when Libby is taken to ??? (won't reveal the name and spoil the surprise) after the auction was I the only one that thought well he's just took a hood off of her but when the heck did he put it on? Yeah, bizarre, I read that bit several times to absolutely make certain I wasn't going nuts and I wasn't, there was absolutely no mention of her having a hood put on her!

Also the grammar, boy this book needs an editor and badly. Here's one - I try to wake up Cross. I call his name, I try to talk to him, I even since Katy Perry songs. He hates Katy Perry. - Yeah it should read sing not since! Also words were used like - in to - instead of into, it just makes you falter on the text and have to re-read and it's annoying. Here's another one - You're the FBI's suspect number one........ now surely this should read...... You're the FBI's number one suspect. So many annoying typos and grammatical errors are dotted about it brings this really good story down a level and that is a shame.

Lastly, I really did struggle at the start of this book, oh boy it was like falling down a never ending hole, the story was really hard to get a grip on, the characters and bases jumped about all over the place, it was really hard to follow, but I am glad I persevered. Found the conclusion a bit quick and some strings not tied up as much as I would have liked but overall this was a good read, get the typos sorted and the wording re-written in a few places, grammar checked and it then could easily be a great read of this genre.