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Taking A Risk

Taking A Risk - Caroline Easton Now if you check out my reviews you'll see I have read many and I mean many books, a lot of them have been rockstar romances. This is the first rockstar romance though I have read that is really light on the steamy side. I'm not sure if I am going to get this over right but here's a for instance there is mention of drugs and usage with one of the group members, but you only know he's taken a drug, not what the drug is, we're privvy to the after effect of what can happen to the personality of drug taking. So I suppose the term I am looking for is this whole book comes across as 'toned down'.

This is probably what I would class as a mid to older teen romance, yes it has swearing, it has sex scenes but those scenes are very tastefully done it's left more to your imagination, it isn't deeply descriptive but it's descriptive enough to keep it lighter. Has some typos that an editor would have caught or beta readers but in this instance they weren't roaring in your face and there was not a major amount of them.

I started this book and then surprisingly found myself drawn to it, it isn't my usual read, it's too tame but I got hooked. I think I was definitely in touch with my inner romantic reading this and was happy with the hearts and flowers and no angst and suspense.

A good summer read, with a good storyline with a fun set of cast. Worth your time if you enjoy the 'nicer' side of romance but still want a rockstar to keep you company for a bit.