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Locked (The Alpha Group, #1)

Locked - Maya Cross The one thing readers of this book will find is you can't NOT be pulled into Maya's deliverance of her story. She produces words and scenes in a caress of words that are jaunty, fun, sexy and intriguing. She is an extremely good writer and has produced a book that grabs your attention straight away, keeps it, brings in intensity, spatters us with intrigue and smoulders us with chemistry and hot scenes.

There is kind of a lot of predictability in this book but heck it's delivered so well who cares! I am cross at the shortness of this start and have waited till book three is out (tomorrow) before starting this trilogy because its absolutely ridiculous to have to wait between books when they are so short. The argument here is this should have been really one book but I do applaud Maya in her pricing for book 1 and 2, she hasn't stung us for each book which some are doing now. Let's hope book 3 is similar and not jacked up just to catch us.

Love cliffhangers when I don't have to wait and I can delve straight into book 2 which I am about to do, looking forward to finding out what excuse Seb has for what has just gone down.