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Razer's Ride (The Last Riders, #1)

Razer's Ride (The Last Riders, #1) - Jamie Begley Yay I found another badass biker book and wow what a book! Very easy to fall into the characters, if you love MC books then don't pick this up late at night, you'll be up all night wanting to finish it!

There is enough drama to keep you turning the pages, your wondering will he won't he all the time, you want to punch Razer a few times especially towards the end, very emotional when she went back to the clubhouse, my heart bled for her. There were many emotional ocassions during their story and I have to say there were many extremely hot ocassions too and also some squirmy situations that left you either loving the MC lifestyle or thanking all that is Holy that you are not and never will be part of it!

Oh my gosh Beth is an amazing character, if I want to judge harshly I couldn't see someone that had endured her upbringing be able to even step foot inside an MC Clubhouse let alone do what she did with Rider, Evie, Knox and Razer, but heck this is fiction and its fiction of a lifestyle that none of us have probably ever encountered and nor will we ever other than through the eyes and pen of talented writers.

When Jamie gets her act together a bit and doesn't release books with as many grammatical errors and typos and even name changes happen in this book, then she'll definitely be up there with the likes of Kristen Ashley and Madeline Sheehan she is that good a storyteller, the only reason I knocked a star of this is because of the numerous typos and such which is such a pity because it really is an excellent sexy, steamy, badass biker read.