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Knight & Stay (Knight, #2)

Knight & Stay (Knight, #2) - Kitty French .

We all get a bit worried that the second or final book in a series doesn't cut the muster as well as the books that precede it and you can finish a series feeling a little let down. Well let me put your fears to rest because that ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT HAPPEN with this book. In this case this second and final book SURPASSES all expectations and delivers an outstanding finale to Lucien and Sophie's story. It's a F'in A all the way for both of these books.

Utterly unputdownable, such a riot of steamy erotic moments, oodles of sensuality, a plethora of heady romance, so bloody emotional; I had tears at several points throughout this book. Full of angst, turmoil, heart pounding moments and just so fantastically delivered that this is up there and firmly planted in my top favourite ever reads of erotic romance.

This story was never to me just been about sex and exploration away from vanilla, it has been a part of it and yes a big part, but there is just so much more to this story than that. I watched Sophie grow and flourish with her self-esteem, I watched her crushed and was totally with her all through her highs and lows. I watched Lucien struggle and I watched his decisions with my heart pounding at some points, I watched his protectiveness and I watched his love grow and him trying to supress it. There were some really poignant moments in these books, one's that left me checking my tears, one that had me get hot and bothered and my heart race thinking what the bloody hell are you doing and I have to say the sex scenes written by the pen of Kitty French are so well done, they are so tasteful and oh so friggin hot and sexy.

Lucien Knight is without a doubt in my top favorite book boyfriends and I will revisit him and Sophie many more times to get my fix.

Excellent erotic love story, with excellent deliverance by an excellent author, so do you get it? It's EXCELLENT!