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Trust Me (TAT: A Rocker Romance, #1)

Trust Me (TAT: A Rocker Romance, #1) - Melanie  Walker For what promised by the blurb to be a really good read I was sooooo disappointed it fell so far from the apple tree in it's deliverance that how the hell this book is receiving 4 and 5 star reviews is utterly, totally and irrevocably beyond me!

So did Melanie think that by doing a little disclaimer at the beginning of the book that there 'may' be some typos left after her and her beta readers had read through it and could we possibly forgive her if we come across some? Well, yes of course I can forgive coming across some but what I cannot forgive is coming across them literally every other page and this is 'supposedly' after it's been looked over by several? Surely (and I have said this before), there are word processing programs out there that pick up the fault in grammar and correct to/too your/you're etc etc, they will also pick up sentences that don't make sense, so why is this book riddled with them? Also really, really poorly delivered text, it was so confusing to follow sometimes, like the author's brain was one step ahead and 6 steps back of what she was writing and it came across mixed up and badly written.

This book considering the tense and sensitive subject matter seems really juvenile and I don't think the characters are portrayed well at all considering she was abused so badly, had never been kissed and then bam she decides this is the summer she is going to have a fling and she picks Chad and then turns into a complete sex fiend but then can't cope with Chad's man-whoring ways before her? Arghhh so much didn't sit right.

Also why the flippin hell was the word gravel/graveling used so many times when the actual word needed in all those instances should have been grovelling? Gravelling is 'cover something with gravel' or Make (someone) angry or annoyed. In the text it was written this just wasn't the right word to be used. Here's a for instance from the book - tell him how much he hurt you and make him gravel and worry while he's off being semi-famous for those eight days. - Definitely missed this numerous times by the author and her proof readers, shakes head, but it's this and many many others. Here's another piece of text - I didn't want it welcome between us every time we had..... - what the heck just doesn't make sense.

And sorry got to point out this one too, - promised I could trust you, knowing how deep that one word is to me. That trust means more in my life than any other, a small four letter word with such an intense definition..... - did you spot the mistake, there was no mention of the word 'love' the four letter word is 'trust' yeah oh my it's FIVE letters!

So in essence, I am sorry this book for me was awful and I am not saying that I am an expert or anything but I am an Avid Reader and get through many, many books and this has got to be in my top three worst books ever to have crossed my path and it's the first book I have ever returned and asked for a refund on for these reasons the subject matter was not dealt with in an adult and sensitive way, the text did not flow and was mixed and contained so many wrong words it was a joke and the characters were up and down all over the place and not engageable at all.