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His Name Is Sir (The Power to Please, #3)

His Name Is Sir (The Power to Please, #3) - Deena Ward .
4.5 stars. Cracking series.

Wowsers! What a ride, I kept thinking at the start how this was going to be as good as the past two - this book is all about Gibson and Nonnie with only a smattering of Michael. But with a whole pile of The Hoytes this made for extremely fun reading, their scene enacted out for Ron's birthday made me smile a lot with the comical element and was definitely steamy too, never read a BDSM scene done like that before!

I found this book had more of a romance feel running through it, but by God what happens next is riveting and off it kicks into another gear again and the sheer intensity of what happens to Nonnie and what she is put through just keeps you on your toes.

These books are definitely more than, erotic romance, they've got depth, very well written, full of wit and by crikey steamy as hell.

Can't wait for the fourth and final book out in a couple of days, I need ot find out what happens next and hopefully Nonnie gets her HEA.