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Where the Ivy Grows (Devoted, #2)

Where the Ivy Grows (Devoted, #2) - Susanna Quinn,  J. Lerman I am still stuck between like and dislike. So many things go on that don't follow properly, she's letting him strike her, humiliate her, leaves her tied up so many times and sods off to do god knows what, but then she says she doesn't like being hurt and doesn't like being humiliated but then forgives it all when she has an orgasm. I mean come on! Either you hate it like she professes or you enjoy the sexual play and discuss and stop the elements that don't sit well.

Now we did have 'baddies' introduced in this book and that helped tremendously, I don't get the way Cecile was treated or actually lack of treated in this book, when you are with a man who says he'll protect you constantly and say 'trust me' more times than the Pope prays then you would think he would have jumped in and dealt with it???

I'm going to have to read book 3 but I was sitting here wondering if I would recommend this trilogy to my book buddies and well I would mention it in passing but I honestly don't think I would recommend them after reading the 1st two, they are ok bordering on good but they just don't go above the middle bar for me.