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Unlocked (The Alpha Group, #3)

Unlocked (The Alpha Group, #3) - Maya Cross Read this a week or so ago, but had to wait to review as I've been thinking about it because I really enjoyed it but I had a little 'but' about it.

So this brings us to the conclusion of The Alpha Trilogy and I have really enjoyed these books. I feel a little bit sad that for me book 3 didn't deliver quite as great as book 1 and 2, don't get me wrong it's still a good book but book 3 for me was a tinsy winsy bit mediocre and nothing really fantastically stood out in it.

For one I couldn't understand that for a man who worked for the 'elite' Alpha Group, he sure did say - 'I don't know' and 'We're working on it' a heck of a lot......... so on the one hand we have an extremely rich, clever, killing machine who doesn't know a heck of a lot too quick, hmmmmm his characterisation seemed to waiver on that score. But saying that I still have a soft spot for him and he's still a definite book boyfriend - big time!

Sophia, an ordinary girl who let's face is just plain downright nosey and can't seem to stay out of the thick of things, I still thoroughly like her, there is something about her 'wade in and sod the consequences' attitude that is very likable.

I loved the dual perspectives this time, it's always better to get into both heads and I loved the ending, it seemed completely fitting.

Will I read this trilogy again at some point? Oh that is Affirmative with a capital A :0)