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Craving Constellations (The Aces, #1)

Craving Constellations (The Aces, #1) - Nicole Jacquelyn

Title and cover does not suggest what a badass biker book this is.

And I'll say it again, the title of this book and indeed the cover really doesn't give any indication of what a badass MC biker book this is. It looks more like a contemporary romance. But by heck this isn't CR it's full fledged, bad language, rauncy lifestyle of an MC, I don't actually get the significance of the title at all, yeah we were told about her liking astromony and his tattoos but that was it, it was nothing more than a couple of paragraphs mention. So I'm sorry I loved the book but don't like the title, it doesn't fit.

I do have a few issues with this but altogether I absolutely loved it. I am a total fan of well written biker lifestyle books and this one is certainly well written but I just had this nagging itch that it could have been better. It was one of those not all the I's and Dot's were crossed and dotted and some of the action was far too quick and over in a blink of an eye when actually it could have drawn out more, especially Dragon's ex, this was so a typical book that she could have played a much bigger role. Also what happened to her husband, that could have panned out more but it didn't really surface to much. A fair bit of day to day stuff happened but in all honesty because it's biker day to day it's totally readable and engaging just wish it had had more action.

All in all a great biker read, weird title, not quite enough action but will it put me off any more books about the Ace MC - absolutely not, I look forward to more from either Dragon and Brenna or Casper or heck any of the guys.