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Revealing Us (Inside Out Trilogy, #3)

Revealing Us (Inside Out Trilogy, #3) - Lisa Renee Jones This definitely wasn't quite as intriguing as the previous two books, but heck I still found it it to be a fitting finale indeed.

This book revolved more around Sara and Chris coming together and getting past their pasts, her Daddy issues and his big dark secret. That I have to say wasn't that big off a deal in one way at all, but it did put the glue in the creases as to why certain people were in his life and why he carried a lot of pain and heaviness on his shoulders.

Certain parts of this I found a little like going over the same issues with them, that wasn't Lisa writing repetitive scenes, they were different scenes but the reasons behind them and the resulting outcome was a lot similar a great deal of the time. But then having said that there were parts of the book that were kind off explosive and the trauma oozed off the pages brilliantly. Because of those captivating elements I cannot deny this book should have a 5 star accolade, it really deserves it and that's even after me be picky at some bits of the story. Emotionally this book delivered.

I think some may say that this was a lot of sex and yes I will agree with them but I think that without the Allure element and this book concentrating on them this was a given that sex would be even more prevalent, especially with all the hinted issues at Chris' past. I enjoyed the 'danger' element that lurked in the background and the guessing throughout at what Isabel or Amber might or might not do. If I am going to get really picky then I would say that Chris with his verbal threaty dominance was great with words about what he would do but I didn't get any of the 'action' as being that heavy from his words, if you follow what I mean.

Definitely a great trilogy that surpasses a lot out there for not being strung out. Its well written, the intrigue, the hints of danger, the passion, the steam, the characters and the scenarios were all played out and played extremely well. Really glad I have read these three books and if the ending is anything to go by I am totally looking forward to the next book with a new leading lady.