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Meant To Be (Heaven Hill, #1)

Meant To Be (Heaven Hill, #1) - Laramie Briscoe I struggled with this and I am so sad that I did. Why did I struggle, I found it too tame!

Yeah it had the vernacular of a bad boy motorbikers book, but it had no steam and sexiness, all hot scenes where brushed over and left to our imagination which ok is cool but I want to read it too damn it! Especially in a biker book.

The other incy wincy thing I found was the characters had personality changes like whiplash, sometimes sweet and then full of the F word and cussing like there was no tomorrow. I didn't like the fluctuations of that at all. And I also found I was reading a passage in the mind of say Liam and then they were watching Meredith on TV and then bang we were in Meredith's head in the TV - I think the author needs to review how she changes POV's because that was liked being chucked upside on a rollercoaster and your head is catching up with your brain. Didn't like how the different POV's were handled at all, it's almost as though Laramie wanted or needed to get every point over and I have to say some of the fast changes were totally un-necessary which left me losing the want to read on a bit.

All in a good read, could have been sexy but it isn't and too many POV's for my liking, had potential but didn't quite cut the muster for me.