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The Devil's Eyes (The Devil's Eyes, #1)

The Devil's Eyes (The Devil's Eyes, #1) - Jennifer Loren .
4.5 stars - Darkly intense, murderously romantic and very sexylicious! ♥

The Devil's Eyes is a Dark, Intense, Romance novel - this is what it says in the blurb and holey moley is it bang on!

I love intense books like this, I like been captured and catapulted into a world I'll never see in real life but it's written so well you are living it.

Jesus are the cast dark, mysterious, intense and totally absorbing - and that's literally all of them. The main and the secondary they all play a part and they do it brilliantly.

Why did I not give it the 5 star award then? Well as much as I loved this book, my attention dragged just a smidge from about 75%, don't get me wrong it's still good - heck near excellent - but for a small part of the book it wasn't so riveting as the start and the middle.

I really found the plot twists and turns clever and well produced, this book will leave you gobsmacked in places, shocked in others, sighing sweetly and fighting tears, it pretty much produces and engages all manner of emotions. I think as well it's a book that needs reading twice for that tiny morsel you may have not quite understood the first time around because of the intensity of everything, the pressure will be off the second time to take everything on board and follow the plot a lot more closely because whilst reading this the first time I wanted to absorb it all at a fast speed because I just couldn't put it down most of the time.

I love romances like this, so much more than girl meets boy, it is hedonistic storytelling of a world we'll never see or hope never to see, I can't imagine anyone not being completely drawn into it and watching the movie in your head as your reading it.