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Consumed (Consumed, #1)

Consumed (Consumed, #1) - Skyla Madi I really am torn how to review this because on the one hand I really enjoyed it but as I read further on I was getting frustrated with the typos and the sometimes juvenile writing style.

Another turning point to me is when they partied in Boston, what they did to 'O' and how she dealt with by the way that is was written just didn't sit right with me. I won't say more because I don't want to have spoilers but I honestly felt that the way it panned out was wrong.

Olivia is written as the most least self obsessed person ever, always putting others first but sometimes it came across very sickly, and sometimes an angsty scene was written that didn't come to fruition and eject lava from a volcano at the end of it, the scenes just fizzled.

My attention really waned after they got together, I felt the story really plateaued then and I started getting itchy feet to get to the end of it.

Now if your looking for a tastefully written sexy novel with MMA fighters then you'll possibly love this. The sex scenes are written with a lot being left to your imagination, there are no dirty words in this book during these scenes they are very tame and cutely produced.

And I am probably going to be in the minority here but I didn't like Selena very much, she was ok sometimes and others I found her over the top drunken ways to be very annoying and her pushing her attitude towards life on Olivia was also annoying.

This book is riddled with typos and grammatical errors and missing words which is so frustrating, so along with the other little gripes I had whilst reading it this was like the tower was starting to topple for me. Too many things were chalking up on the negative side, but there is a positive side, the story was good (especially before they got together). I was in tears at one point. I was frustrated a lot in others. Seth gets top marks for being damn sexy and commanding. The cover is delicious but I fear this is one of those books I fell for the cover and not so much for the story.