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The Nature of Cruelty

The Nature of Cruelty - L.H. Cosway Written very creatively, this book hauls you in immediately and carries you along as L.H. Cosway takes you along the troubled ride with Lana and Robert.

I found the whole aura around Robert's bullying and Lana's reactions and reasoning to be totally captivating. It's not fair to say more on the subject other than if you think this book is just about bullying and being nasty then think again. It's intellectual, it's harrowing in some parts, it's sympathetic in others. It not only shows much more than Robert being just plain nasty it shows reasons and reactions to emotions from a person that feels its the right thing to do but that hates themselves after each horrible incident. And I have to say it's all done and produced in a pretty darn good way.

Without a doubt this author spins a good yarn.