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Stripped - Jasinda Wilder .
3.5 stars.

I honestly don't get this book getting 5 star reviews for being 'amazing'. This just isn't one of those books that in my eyes deserves getting gushy all over and say it's the best thing since sliced bread because, well, because it just isn't. It's good but it could have been better.

The following paragraph could be interpreted as MINOR SPOILERS by some so don't read if not sure -

I feel there were bits missing to their story, too much going on at the start and her upbringing, then the shortish bit about her stripping, then a whole pile of sex/sexy scenes and no momentum forward in the timeline. Then we whizz forward superquick to the end of the film he was making. Then we're settling down to another patch of sexy bit and no timescale movement and then BAM we've fast forwarded to the end scene.

So although I enjoyed this I can't honestly say I loved it. It felt patchy at best and not deep and meaningful especially after the intro into her upbringing. The start had so much promise although I didn't like Grey at some points she came across very spoiled and 'me, me, me'. I felt like a yoyo towards her Dad I disliked him and then felt sorry for him the way Grey spoke to him, maybe it was just a weakness in how his character was written he didn't seem as bad as Grey was making out. I felt Grey was a blubbering mess a lot and yes I could get some of it but then I think it also bordered on overload. I thought Dawson was an absolute hunk but I think love was professed too quick or it just didn't seem to sit right how it was delivered at that moment in time. But I did like a lot of his actions especially the one after their initial get together.

But honestly I did enjoy this but maybe I was holding it in too higher expectations and it just didn't reach them for me, it's good; it's just not dazzling.