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Escape from Paradise

Escape from Paradise - Gwendolyn Field Crikey this book doesn't hold back any details, I love these dark and disturbing books, call me depraved I don't care, but by Christ I find when books as dark as this are written as well as this then you absolutely cannot be immune to a great piece of skilled writing at bringing such an horrific subject to life and do it so well.

This is darker than dark, it is also a kaleidoscope of intense situations and emotions. It in no way romanticises slavery and capture but at the same time fully delivers a strong romance. It hits all the squirm worthy parts of your physce, also the tearful and sensual parts too. Excellently written and certainly an author that I will read a lot in the future.

Oh I must mention the scottish accent because yes it had me laughing a bit too, hearing someone with a bit of dark side and posing to be a dominant master keep calling someone lassie - well, it's kind off laughable - all I kept picturing was that loveable collie dog every time I read that word! Sorry Gwendolyn!