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Annihilate Me Vol. 1 (Annihilate Me, #1)

Annihilate Me Vol. 1 (Annihilate Me, #1) - Christina Ross For a book that actually has no sex in it whatsoever this book oozes sexuality, tension, nutty characters, colourful characters, great dialogue and a hotting up romance.

I'm so glad I got this book, I was inhaled into the story at the get-go and wow did those 300 pages fly by! Some of the dialogue was a little back to front to me but that only happened sporadically, sometimes for instance the word 'was' in my eyes, placed wrongly in a sentence. I loved the chatty prose between Immaculata and Jennifer, god Jennifer had great comebacks with her. Blackwell - now there's a character and a half! I got dizzy reading her dialogue sometimes but it worked on so many levels, her zest and impatience just dripped off the pages, she's one of those totally annoying and yet totally engaging characters, kinda loved her!

As for Jennifer, how could anyone not engage with her! Her whole personality is flawless, she is neither weak nor meek but she isn't dominant or sassy either. She has a vulnerability about her but her clever mind and her business sense sits perfectly with that vulnerable side. She is probably one of the best heroines I've read in a long time.

Alex, oh boy, dear Alex! He's mysterious, he's thoughtful, he's possessive and he's driven. He also seems pretty ruthless. What's there not to like! Oh yeah, I don't know but I feel he has this element of danger about him and I can't wait to see what happens in book two after where this book was left, which way is his character going to develop, there is suspense and intrigue surrounding him, is he into darker things, or dominance, or none of it but has issues with other things. Arghhhh the suspense is killing me! I just hope vol 2 lives up to vol 1.