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Maybe Baby Lite (Baby Series Lite, #1)

Maybe Baby Lite (Baby Series Lite, #1) - Andrea  Smith I could really delve into this book and on one hand rip it apart and on the other hand sing it's praises to all and sundry. I was pitching on a rollercoaster a lot during this book, one minute I was so engrossed and glued and then then I found myself at a slow bit where I found the text slightly stilted and very short sentences like. 'I did this. He did that'. I struggled a bit in these parts but the overal story and characters had me hooked enough that in no way was I not going to finish this. Funny thing is I read the 'Lite' version and was constantly looking at the percentage bar thinking heck this doesn't feel 'lite' it's still double the size of a lot of books out there.

I also found Trey pitching me on the rollercoaster too, one minute I found him understanding, compassionate and yes dominant but not overly. Then bam some scenes he (especially two sex scenes near the end) he came across as a much different character with what he was doing. All in all though he is a very readable, likeable and sexy lead. Tylar I thought could stand her ground a bit more but then I do totally get where she was coming from, I like her but not till after her drinking episodes had stopped, they were getting on my nerves, I thought Andrea was writing her as a potential alcoholic and was glad that that didn't happen.

I can't deny what a great story this is, I just struggled a little bit sometimes on the deliverance but it isn't going to stop me finding out what happens in book 2. I NEED to find out what happens to them! Simple as, so that justifies it's 4 stars Andrea has me compelled to read on regardless of my finding it faulty in places.