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Convicted (Consequences, #3)

Convicted (Consequences, #3) - Aleatha Romig .
A well deserving 4.5 star read.

Well what can I say - OMG what a trilogy this was, but before I delve into this book I need to get this out first.

By far and away TRUTH was my most favourite of these three books, it was heart pumping, shocking, totally riveting and stayed with me for this whole past year waiting for the third. So you need to see where I'm coming from reviewing this book 3.

Without a doubt nobody can deny the talent of Aleatha Romig, she pens an extraordinary story and what can only be described as a story you feel could be truly be true and you wouldn't be surprised to see either one of them on the news or on the cover of a magazine! I loved Convicted, I loved the nasty arse Tony (sick I know), I loved his drama, his essence dripped off the pages. I loved Truth, I mean I really LOVED Truth, this book excelled in the mystery, suspense and drama of their relationship. I really liked and almost loved Convicted - yeah my rating has dropped, don't get me wrong I am not disappointed, I didn't not like it, it was executed really well but heck if that opening chapter didn't throw me into a wide open mouthed what the heck moment! I don't think any expected book 3 to kick off like that.

I just don't feel this book had the same aura as the previous two, this was far more gentile, the love story is paramount, yeah we get a few twist and turns along the way I kinda like how this was written and then on the other hand I didn't like how this book was written. The backwards and forwards was ok but when I got to a part that was meant to be in the present I was having deja vu and went back and saw that I had indeed read this same bit but in a different time and then wondered how could I be reading the present in the past, actually I wasn't but that's what if felt like! I didn't like that bit, to explain a bit more, it was Chapter 20 this was Aug 2016 when she was remembering the past and then in Chapter 32 which was 2013 (as in the past), we live that moment again, yeah it had slight text changes but it was the same bit. Just felt odd to me. I can't help thinking though that if these books had been written closer together the writing style would not have changed so much from the 1st to last book, don't get me wrong they are all still extremely well presented, but each one feels different to the other in my opinion. Book 3 is definitely presented in a different vein than the others.

In reality Convicted was very cleverly written and I loved the curve balls thrown at the end. I really did enjoy this book in spite of it's different deliverance, I was completely invested in it, I just wasn't so thoroughly in love with it as this was a bit of a gentile, coaster ride whereas I had been loving the drama and angst and vendetta filled making my previous rides heady and blood pumping.

Thank you Aleatha for one of the best trilogies I've ever read.