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Big Sky

Big Sky - Kitty Thomas I am truthfully swinging between 3 and 4 stars for Big Sky.

Boy I have read Kitty before and knew I was in for a ride but hell I didn't know whether to cling on, jump or throw up during this ride. Dark is the word you have to keep forefront. Dark content, dark characters, dubious consent, a heroine you find yourself muttering at the pages just run girl, just run!

And the ending I can't enlarge on the ending but it absolutely wasn't what I was expecting and left me feeling so many different emotions. Which is good that I was questioning the outcome.

So many uncomfortable scenarios happen to Ronnie and I mean really uncomfortable situations but I can't deny it was delivered well. I was teetering on the periphery of complete uncomfortableness and the need to read on, (which I think a lot will feel) but I am glad I read on, the ending I actually loved; different from the norm but my inner romantic struggled with this one.