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Shooting Scars (The Artists Trilogy, #2)

Shooting Scars - Karina Halle Freakin hell does Karina knows how to spin a good tale! Her dialogue is as ever good as in the first book, the characters have now seeped into my very being and I can totally see this being turned into an adult action movie. Crikey all manner of things explode before your eyes as you devour this second book. The love/relationship I had with Javier, indeed the love/hate relationship I had with some of the things that Ellie does. It all just makes for totally mind absorbing reading.

There is so many veins running throughout, so many scenarios that have you wondering which way are things going to pan out but mostly what I love is that it's probably one of the first books that I absolutely love all three lead characters - flaws and all.

Kudos to Karina for keeping the story flowing as good as book 1 and possibly even better, I can't wait to see what happens to them all and I really do mean all, not just the leads.