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This Much Is True

This Much Is True - Katherine Owen I received a copy of this book from netgalley in return for an honest review.

OK where to start. I actually really struggled with book. I found the text to be extremely long winded more often than not. Even during the sex scenes I felt the author had this annoying need to go off point and go off on a tangent. For instance when Tally and Linc first got together their steamy scene started and then Katherine went off reminiscing about Ms Kenner a past health education teacher, then we go to the part when it was Tally that told her parents about the crash, then onto about her crying earlier. Then 8 pages from the start of him skimming her lingerie they climax together but we've actually hardly read anything about their coupling but a whole pile of not needed text instead.

This happens all the way through and makes this an extremely long read that could be cut in half and pack much more of a meatier punch.

Sadly I just could not connect with the lead characters and I honestly did not enjoy this book which I really am sad about because I really wanted to connect with them. I tried so hard to do just that but it just never happened for me.