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Temporary Fiancee

Temporary Fiancee - Judy Rogers This really is a fun and easy read. Yes it's predictable but the comedic deliverance along with the usual stupid macho alpha male moves that create tension and leave you feeling so bad for the poor heroine, it just romps along at a great pace. No flowery puffed out waffle, just Rand and Haley's story passionately told.

You'll be hard pressed to not have a cheesy grin on your face, a few laugh out loud scenes and a couple of eyes wide moments when your at the 'oh my god he didn't just do that' moments too.

Very, very likable leads, Haley's sunny personality shines off the pages which only makes the reader feel her heartbreak more when Rand acts like a complete jerk. Complete with a total bi-a-tch of an ex, adorable 5 year old child and the antics of a sensitive dog who once was a sixth level Italian duchess in a previous life (yeah I know but it totally works!) and Phyllis, I absolutely cannot forget Phyllis and her very strange ways and how she stands there and just delivers the information about Delphine (the dog) as though you would be mad yourself if you didn't believe it!

Great cast of characters, fun and very nicely written romcom, not steamy but errs on the saucy side. If your wanting a pleasant bit of escapism that has you smiling a lot and an easy read then look no further; this will surely tick the right box for you.