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Music of the Heart (Runaway Train, #1)

Music of the Heart - Katie Ashley I am going to have to review this one differently to normal because some bits I loved and some bits I found hard to take.

Characters - 4 stars
Characteristics of the lead characters 3 stars
Dialogue - 2 stars
Storyline - 4 stars
Romance - 3.5 stars
Sexy bits - 3 stars

So I liked the characters but I didn't enjoy their characteristics sometimes. I found the dialogue very much on the mono side a lot of the time and often stilted. I struggled with Abby's character in so much as for someone coming from a missionary lifestyle and the pastors daughter she sure did know a heck of lot of swear words, how to mix with well known rockstars and not be intimidated. She one minute came across very shy and unwordly and then in the next full on and very world wise. Very Jeckyll and Hyde.

I did like the band members, they were very colourful. Jake was a bit bi-polar sometimes, one minute doing hit utmost to get Abby and then in the next doing everything he could to send her away. From page to page I didn't know if the yo-yo was swinging up or down with him.

All in all an ok read, there are much better rockstar romances out there but this is passable but I honestly don't think it cuts into the 'big' rockstar romance reads.