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A Note of Scandal

A Note of Scandal - Nicky Penttila I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review. And the first thing I need to say is; Thank you very much Netgalley!

I didn't know what to expect going into this book as I am not a reader of historical romances in fact the last historical book I read was Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel! But I have to say this book just may have well changed my mind on that. I really enjoyed this romance, it is set in England in 1815 when social standing for women was not by how brainy they may be. The heroine Olivia though, can boast of having both brains and a pretty face but not just that she is a very likeable character as is Will the lead male. In fact I have to argue that all the characters in this book play their parts well and help bring this story very boldly and colourfully to life. It's a book that interacts with your feelings on various levels.

If like me you shy away from romances like this then I can honestly say you won't be disappointed to pick this up. I was engulfed into the pages very quickly and I had to read on to the end and then was sad when it was over. You will be getting a history lesson but you'll be getting it in a way that is so absorbing and engaging that you will enthralled with everything you learn without feeling like you've just had a lesson. What a way to engage with history! Nicky Pentila is a fine writer and one that I will definitely keep a look out for new and lalso previous releases.