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Lick - Kylie Scott I love it when I come across books like this, I knew I was going to enjoy it but what I didn't realise was just how much I was going to love it! Took me totally by surprise, I had a fair few laugh out loud moments, the banter between Lauren and Evelyn and then 'Child Bride' and Mal was so catchy, fun and just downright engaging. I absolutely 100% bought into Ev's character and also David's. He had me wanting to bash him a few times, had me close to tears a few others, had me saying 'oh my god no' and then had me ooohing and aaaahing and melting into a puddle at the rest. Their chemistry was undeniable.

Some bloody fantastic characters are waiting for you in this book, some not so nice, some smooch worthy, some endearing, some humorous, some nasty, some gorgeous. But what you will find is they are all absolutely 3D and they all colour the pages fantastically.

This is definitely up in my top ten favourite rock star reads, I will definitely re-read it again and probably many times more, I'm also definitely going to be reading all Kylie's other books both past and future releases. She has a knack with words and is in my eyes a very credible author, I am so glad I've found her.