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Forty Shades of Pearl (The Pearl Trilogy, #1)

Forty Shades of Pearl (The Pearl Trilogy, #1) - Arianne Richmonde More like 3.5 stars

I kinda have mixed feelings about this book. In one respect I really enjoyed it but then in parts of the book I only just enjoyed it. I didn't find it a gripping page turner but I did find it a comfortable read to wile away a few hours. I'm not so keen on the age difference premise as I have very good friends who are 15 years apart, the woman being older and some of how Arianne captured the feelings of the age difference was real but then in some of the other areas because of my friends it didn't ring true. Alexandre is a likeable enough character but lacked the character of a domineering type business man which is how he was written to be in a couple of scenes as more like an ice cream gripping a hot grill, the grip is never going to happen whatever words you might be reading. All in all though I did enjoy the book and I will read book two to see what happens next to them.