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Enchantment - Charlotte Abel Having seen all the rave reviews I decided to give Enchantment a try and for the first say 20% of the book I was really enjoying it. It had all the makings of a good story - but it didn't keep my attention for long - from about 20% right through to about 75% there was absolutely no action other than spells going wrong and them trying to kiss without being being scorched, sigh.......... it could have been so much better, the plot was absolutely predictable, I knew exactly who the Royal mage was going to be, I got cross with the misuse of words - ie I drug instead of dragged, I thought it was a typo until it was used again!
I am sorry I could not get into it like the rest of the reviewers on here, I wanted more, more action about who they were hiding from, more fun with her predicament. Lastly whose parents in their right mind would just dissapear from the story without a fight! Shakes head, I kept thinking they will come find her in the next page - but nope, that made me cross a bit. I did persevere, but sadly closed the book feeling completely unfullfilled.