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The Force of Wind - Elizabeth   Hunter I didn't realise I hadn't reviewed this before book 4 - naughty me, I was too busy escaping into the world of book 4. So here we go..............
I wondered if this book 3 could keep me enthralled as much as 1 and 2 and boy does it ever, it's simply amazing. Even more characters are introduced that are just oozing the usual colourfulness that we've come to know from the pen of Elizabeth Hunter. This series has it all, suspense, intrigue, captivating text, wonderful characters, oozes visual stimulation and a great romance. Gio and 'B' are fully immersed in 'B's now new reality and meeting a wealth of new allies and indeed new and old enemies along the way. The pace just skips along perfectly, not too quick and not too drawn out, it really is a page turning series and I am thoroughly enjoying every word within the pages.