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Slave - Sherri Hayes Oh where to begin? I actually really loved this book, it drew me in quickly and I found myself desperate to know what had happened to Brianna and how she ended up with Ian. I was getting really frustrated though, maybe it's because I don't understand the Dom/Submissive situation too well at all, but I felt at time Stephan treated Brianna no better than Ian did. Especially since he didn't know if she was with Ian because she was naturally submissive or forced? But he knew she had been terrified and mistreated. So why was she saying Master all the time and kneeling all the time and Stephan continuing to let her. Surely that is going to mess with her head further and thinking she is in a similar situation albeit it not being torturous? I was getting so wound up thinking Brianna get up off your feet or Stephan don't make her do that you know she has suffered terribly at the hands of Ian but then in the next instance he was so thoughtful and understanding. To me that helped make it a fascinating read, it was evoking thoughts and reactions from me which I think makes for a great read. This is a great read on this topic without constant pages of sex filled BDSM but catching the essence of Dom/Subs and a sensitive subject matter. This is a very cleverly constructed book, tense, suspenseful and romantic and I can't wait to read the next book and see where it goes from here.