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Need - Sherri Hayes I am loving the ongoing story of Brianna and Stephan, the continual tension fills the pages as the romance builds between them. I am also still thoroughly enjoying the minimal sex content although the book oozes sexual tension constantly throughout but this book does contain a lot more than Slave. The ever revealing discovery of exactly what had happened to Brianna whilst with Ian is just jaw droppingly awful and for such a disturbing scenario Sherri has dealt with the subject incredibly well. I can't believe the cliff hanger we're left on but one thing I must say I am so very impressed that book 2 was not filled with constant reminders of what happened in book 1, it literally just picks up and follows on from the end of Slave with no recaptures at all and I loved that. Frustrating yes very frustrating to have to wait so long for book 3, hope they can get it to print sooner, as in much sooner!