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The Genius and the Muse - Elizabeth   Hunter CLEVER...and absorbing.

Yep this book is a clever romance. You get to learn about 'artists' and art but it's subtlety done. You get to learn about the cost of honesty or lack thereof. You get to follow a slow building romance with characters that just jump of the page and feel real. It's not lovey dovey, it enthralling, engaging and very well brought to life and I just love the way it was written. In my view Elizabeth Hunter is going to go far writing books. She has that extra zing of talent that will keep her books fresh, vibrantly written, current and most highly anticipated and sought by all that come across her and those that know her talent. I am a total fan, I devoured all her Elemental Mystery books (utterly, utterly brilliant) and I devoured this non paranormal in no time at all it's that good too.