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Truth - Aleatha Romig FREAKIN AWESOME! I was hoping beyond hope book 2 would deliver as much as book 1 and boy did it EVER!

Totally riveting again, the suspense and nerves just ooze off the pages, this series is just bloody marvelous.

How the heck do you review this book though without giving anything away? I have to say I did work out a lot of it and I worked out early on who else was at the bungalow when Samuel and Amanda got shot and indeed I was right back then when I realised a lot of other things about this person (am I being obscure enough lol ) I can honestly say though it did not detract at all because at the time it was only summarising and to be honest Aleatha writes so well it could have gone in any direction.

What potential readers of this series need to know is, the visualisation of these books is amazing, living and breathing these characters (all of them) is so incredibly easy to do. These books swallow you up and you sail along the text as though you were literally right there with them. This and Consequences are books that linger long after you've finished them, the story has woven itself into your core and just won't let go.

This is one of my favourite passages (with a load taken out) :-

“I am deeply sorry for one and four.”..................“I am not, and never will be sorry for three. etc etc - gosh I was there in the room with her listening to Tony and feeling all the mixed emotions that Claire was, utterly mesmerising as was all their other encounters.

The other part I truly loved about book 2 is there is absolutely no nonsense of going over what went on in book 1, yes incy reminders happen sporadically but literally the story picks up and carries on, I absolutely love that.

I can't wait to read book 3, yes I am gutted to have to wait a year or maybe longer but ultimately I know it's going to be totally worth it. If I could guarantee I could win a competiton to get my hands on an ARC copy I totally would.

In a nutshell these books are so good I will be the proud owner of digital copies and 'in print' copies, I need to display them proudly on my bookshelves so people can see them and ask what they are like and I know after I've finished telling they HAVE GOT to read this fantastic author, they will listen to my wholehearted recommendation and do so.

Simply put these books deserve way above the 5 stars you can award, they aren't as in the five stars state 'it was amazing' they are worthy of 'it was incredible'.