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The Marriage Bargain - Jennifer Probst This book is so entertaining right from the beginning where she is doing her potion to Earth Mother and the list of ingredients, the need to laugh out loud as the author tells you what the last ingredient is and then the suggestive reference as to 'size' that was my initial first laugh out loud moment and then there were loads more. But there is more to this book, it's also quite raw, I also found myself close to tears in a couple of places and especially when the talking about 'the hound' wow I felt for that poor dog. I found the characters sexy, the underlying current injected the tension and then the 'contract' kept it flowing throughout. This is a really good read, it's not erotic although very sexy, it's not soft and no substance but raunchy and a lot of depth, it's simply a jolly fine example of a good love story with two great lead characters.