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The Siren - Tiffany Reisz I was really uncertain about how many stars to give this book. Why? Because this isn't your ordinary run of the mill erotic/romance/contemporary book.

I ended up on five stars because it was/is simply 'amazing' but I didn't arrive at 'amazing' taking the usual travelled path, oh no. It is amazing simply because of the depth and the darkness of the content and the reverent attitude towards the story and how it was brought to life.

There are absolutely no fluffy bunnies/sweet romance or hedonistic idioms promising the usual happy ending. This book is extremely dark, it's extremely potent and it's extremely well written.

So why was this book amazing? It is actually so intellectually written and a complete role reversal of the usual promiscuous man versus the shy and becoming woman. This book leaves you actually squirming at some of the dark content within and it goes against all in your head that you feel you are comfortable reading, there are many, many words that are simply not comfortable at all being swallowed into your head. So why did I read on? Quite simply I got captured by it and it just would not release me of it's hold until I had read the last page much like Zach and the signing of the contract.