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Strangers - Barbara Elsborg Abso-frggin-lutely BRILLIANT! YAY! I have found another new favourite author. I can't rave about this book or this author enough, it's simply delish and she has a brilliant way with words. Maybe it's because it's a British author and absolutely choc full of fab British effergies which is a great change from reading as many American authors as I do.

This book contains, wit, suspense, charm, mucho sexiness, fiery love scenes and fantastic people and of course the odd bastard that you want to lean over the book and shout at for being such an arsehole and praying they get their comeuppance. Be prepared to be laughing one minute and then close to tears and if like me actually in tears moments later. It's truly riveting, a total page turner and just brilliantly well written and brought to life.