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Boycotts & Barflies - Victoria Michaels Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

OMG this book is just a breath of fresh air! It is shoulder shaking, laugh out loud fun and it's sexy.

Yes it's pretty unbelievably lucky that all three friends manage to hook up with three also best friends but the circumstances and the boycott just make this bloody hilarious without losing any of the romance and smouldering sexiness too. This would make an absolutely great film. Each person within this book just comes alive off the pages, Jack and his amazing ability to think sex in any situation (the library and the football match were so funny), Ryan is who so romantic it's dreamy and Michael whose just sex on legs and a dream catch and I can so picture him doing his act behind the bar. Then the girls but I won't say any more read the book and go meet them all you'll be so glad you did.

I love Victoria Michaels she is definitely up there in my top ten authors and I just hope she churns out a pletherer of books like this and I will be an oh so happy bunny.