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The Boss’s Fake Fiancee - Inara Scott I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did. Also trying to describe Garth without giving much away is quite difficult which in turn is exactly like him - quite a difficult, standoffish man. He's built his walls up so high that it would be surprising if anyone could get through them but then when you understand why the walls are there it just makes him even more adorable. Melissa and her big mouth land her in a difficult situation with Garth and she becomes part of his reclusive world where she meets Hans, Solo and Chewbacca - yep they pop up too! I think how Inara handled the complexity of emotions with Garth was just perfect and how Melissa handled being part of his world was just really well done.

This is not a common, ordinary, run of the mill, love story it has a deepness to it. Even the places come to life, I would love to have a place like Seesaw to visit.

This really is a very well plotted and brought to life book.