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Dark Secret - Marina Anderson This book was really strange for me. The characters were quite hard to connect with and I couldn't get it out of my head the game that Lewis was playing and how manipulative he was just to get his story and how mistreated Hattie was. I could understand Harriet being drawn to him but there were things that Lewis did that just wouldn't cut it in my world. He openly flaunted with his wife after being with Harriet, he then openly went off with a guest at the party in front of Harriet, he then shared Harriet, I know that was part of his story and the night which would give him the end of the plot/story. If I was Harriet no matter how much I fancied, loved or was smitten by a bloke after all that it would take a lot more to prove his commitment to me that what it did at the end of the book.

I also didn't like Rowena at all, I hated her character.

All in all, I did like this book but there things in it that I didn't like nor wanted to like. So this left me with very mixed feelings, I will read book 2 to see where it goes with Lewis and Hattie, I hope I warm to Lewis more and his character is more likeable.