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The Devil's Pawn - Elizabeth Finn OK so every once in a while a book comes along that just sends you into a tantilising tailspin of really good storytelling and you guessed it, this is one such book.

I was shocked by the opening chapter, in fact by the first couple of pages I was raising my eyebrows, but oh boy the author had grabbed my attention hook line and sinker and that was it I was led into the world of depravity and shame that is Trimbles, the Gentlemans Escort Club.

I can't express at how well I thought the author wrote this book, she didn't hold back at the unpleasantness of what Ashton had to do but also had that touch to bring to life the compassion and feelings of falling in love without it detracting at all from the situation that Ashton and in deed Derek were in.

It had suspense riddling from the pages, is Derek going to let her on the floor? Is she going to cope with what she has to do? Will he save her? Can she survive it intact?

Just read this book if you are even remotely tempted like I was, I suspect you'll feel the same as me and absolutely love it, it's gone straight into my favourites shelf as I know I'll read it again.