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Beauty From Pain (Beauty Series) (Volume 1) - Georgia Cates Yeah I get why you authors do it, but seriously?!?! Leave me panting for the rest of the story why don't you!

Have to give credit where credit is due though, this story simply connects with you slam dunk your getting off that plane with them in Sydney and living the Australian life for three months. The disappointments, the passion, the shock, the laughter and the tears all pour off the pages. I loved Jack Henry but boy did I feel like I wanted to kick him up the arse a few times, I loved his directness. I loved Laurelyn's character. She was witty, brave, she had a way with words. After hearing about her upbringing I found her outlook on life positively brilliant, and to me only strengthened the woman that had emerged from it.

I'm dying to find out more, like what is number 3 going to do? Is her past relationship going to factor more in it?

All I ask Georgia Cates is, please DONT string this out to three books, there have been some excellent trilogies out the past year or so but I have to point out a lot of them in each book are twice the size of this first book so please hit us with it all to the final in the next book - pretty please :0)